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Dough: ALL-PURPOSE FLOUR, CORNSTARCH, Sugar, Salt, Baking powder, Yeast, Vegetable oil, Water


Pork filling: Pork meat, Onion, Garlic, SOYSAUCE ( SOY EXTRACT), OYSTER SAUCE (OYSTERS (MOLLUSCS), Brown sugar, Water, Pepper, CORNSTARCH, HOISIN SAUCE (SOYA BEANS, SESAME OIL, EGG (optional)


Chicken filling: Chicken meat, Onion, Garlic, SOYSAUCE ( SOY EXTRACT), OYSTER SAUCE (OYSTERS (MOLLUSCS), Lemon juice, Star anise, Bay leaves, Chicken broth cubes, Brown sugar, Water, Ground pepper, CORNSTARCH, EGG (optional)


Siopao Sauce: Water, Beef Broth, Star Anis, Brown Sugar, Salt, Onion, Garlic, SOY SAUCE ( SOY EXTRACT), Black Peppar, CORNSTARCH, WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE (MALT VINEGAR (GRAIN), ANCHOVY (FISH)


Siopao - Steamed - 15 pcs

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330,00 krPrice
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